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Our thyssenkrupp Steel Apps at a glance

Packaging Steel app now also with complaints function

The "Packaging Steel" app now also has a complaints function
The "Packaging Steel" app now also has a complaints function

In the Packaging Steel app, it is possible to open complaints digitally since update 5.0. This noticeably reduces the processing time for complaints, as the complaints entered are processed directly in thyssenkrupp Rasselstein's ERP system. For customers of rasselstein® packaging steel, this significantly simplifies the complaints process.

Another innovation relates to the news section of the app. After entering their log-in data, customers can now access information about rasselstein® packaging steel that goes beyond what is visible to other users.

The Packaging Steel App gives the users an overview of all the packaging steel grades available by thyssenkrupp Rasselstein, and their respective specifications. The app also focuses on current innovations from the world’s largest production site for packaging steel. Users can find information on all the potential uses for the material and get an overview of the available coating options. If requested, push notifications keep users updated with news about rasselstein® packaging steel.

The Packaging Steel App can be downloaded for Android and iOS in app stores. The app is free and is available in English and German.

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Available in following App-Stores:

Google Play Store
iTunes Store

tk HO App – everything under control

tk HO App: Everything under control – wherever you are

The upgraded “tk HO” app gives you a seam-less overview of all your orders for precidur®, the precision steel from thyssenkrupp Hohenlimburg.

thyssenkrupp Hohenlimburg GmbH is continuously expanding its communications channels with its customers. Customers can already communicate with the company via electronic data interchange (EDI) or through close horizontal business process integration by means of ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning). Now, Against the background of “Industry 4.0” the mobility aspect is also being strengthened: communication and interaction with thyssenkrupp’s precision steel strip specialists via smartphone app. The “tk HO app” is available on all common platforms (iOS and Android). It is divided into a public section and a protected section for customers which can be accessed after authentication to retrieve and use business process data directly.

Available in following App-Stores:

Google Play Store
iTunes Store

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