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Daily press, 2022-06-01, 11:00 am

Next step in the Strategy 20-30: Logistics of thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG becomes independent in thyssenkrupp Steel Logistics GmbH

thyssenkrupp Steel is not only Germany’s largest steel producer. The Duisburg-based company is also the country’s second largest logistics provider with 142 million tons transported. In the future this strength is to be developed more effectively with a partner in order to participate more strongly in the logistics market, in particular on the strategically important Rhine water axis. As part of its Strategy 20-30, thyssenkrupp Steel has therefore decided to position the port unit as a thyssenkrupp subsidiary, independent of the steel business. All employees will be kept on.

thyssenkrupp Steel Logistics GmbH, which will initially be a wholly-owned subsidiary with 300 employees, will become independent at the beginning of July 2022. The complete port complex comprising the Schwelgern plant port, to which raw materials are delivered, and the Walsum port, where general cargo is handled, as well as associated units will be transferred to the new company. “With our employees and equipment we will keep developing our future in handling and warehouse logistics, our experienced employees will move with us to the company and will be the basis for further professionalization of the logistics unit“, says Markus Micken, Head of the present Logistics division. Being a smaller unit than the Steel segment as a whole, the new logistics subsidiary can adapt more quickly to changes. “This valuable resource ‘Logistics‘ can certainly utilize its capacities to the full if it can also be used by other parties on the market. This valuable resource 'logistics' can certainly utilize its capacities to the full if it can also be called upon by others on the market. We see high development potential for the logistics sector in autonomy and higher job security, especially also against the background of the transformation“, says Dr. Heike Denecke-Arnold, COO of thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG. ”An important milestone in the implementation of our Strategy 20-30 with which we make all facets of our steel business fit for the future.“

Transformation of steel production will also change logistics

Once steel production in Duisburg has been switched from the conventional blast furnace route to direct reduction using hydrogen, large parts of materials supplies will no longer be needed: Coal, for example, which is transported by ship on the Rhine to the Schwelgern port. This would unlock further capacity. Together with the trade union IG Metall, the Duisburg-based company has arranged the transfer of undertakings for the employees concerned in order to retain the experienced staff and give them maximum job security in the logistics subsidiary. "We want to be able to grow along the Rhine with the logistics market independent of steel, this offers a great opportunity for employment and further professionalization of the business," says Micken. “The logistics hub in Duisburg connects ship and rail especially for sustainable transport development and thus also contributes to the transformation to climate-neutral steel production.” Logistics would become more independent of steel and would gain strategic importance along the Rhine.

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