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We keep the city of tomorrow in motion

Expanding metropolitian regions and overtaxed transportation routes call for alternative transportation systems. Modular weight-bearing structures of lightweight design allow engineers to apply automobile manufacturing technology to the production of steel structures - and plot out the future of urban mobility.

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We keep the city of tomorrow in motion

The use of steel, which can be recycled, saves resources and ansures sustainable construction. Modular weight-bearing structures can be swiftly assembled or dismantled.


To increase capacity, traffic is raised to the third dimension. In addition to underground and ground-level transportation options, elevated roadways connect city districts and link the various transportation systems.


ACCEL, an innovative transport system from thyssenkrupp Elevator, allows passengers to quickly cover distances of up to 1.5 kilometers. Airport operators, for instance, can use ACCEL to carry up to 7,500 passengers per hour to distant gates or parkings lots at high speed.


The elegant wight-bearing structures are also suitable for automated vehicles spacious enough to accomodate up to twelve people. Such vehicles are to be primarily used for short distances where traffic is particularly intense.


Demographic change, too, drives the demand for alternative transportation routes: Elevated routes linked by elevators, escalators, or moving walkways will improve qulity of life and allow mobility for people of all ages.


Their modular design allows the weight-bearing structures to be adapted to the traffic requirements of a given area. As straight routes or roundabouts, pedestrian and bicylce path relieve pressure on busy intersections.


Individual modules are prefabricated at the factory and assembled at the construction site. Because they require little space, the segments can be integrated into any existing urpan development scenario.

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We keep the city of tomorrow in motion

We keep the city of tomorrow in motion

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