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Inquisitiveness and scopes for development

Steel is the number one fundamental industrial material - and a high-tech product. At thyssenkrupp Steel Europe alone there are 2,000 alloys and 1,800 different steel grades. The development of new steels, surfaces, semi-finished products and their applications, as well as new manufacturing processes, are our overriding principle. Other main focal points: the continuous further development of existing steels and their production processes.

The steel business of thyssenkrupp makes use of modern laboratory and pilot plants, as well as simulation tools. We use highly specialized measurement procedures for metallurgical characterization and chemical-physical analysis. Production supervision and acceptance tests, as well as product supervision are also included in this: from process analysis, through operation analyses for the optimization of processes, to the testing of products, their acceptance and expert support until series production.

Our work is based on a dense innovation network: The close contact with our customers is ensured by us through the integration of our innovation and sales divisions. Cooperative arrangements with universities, institutes and industrial partners are an essential part of our research strategy. Through our Groupwide integration we make efficient use of various skills, create synergies and strengthen our innovative powers. With the aim to develop tailor-made ideas and innovative steel products for the requirements of the future.

Innovations are best created across technical borders. An intensive exchange between Sales, Development and Production are the prerequisite for successful innovations.

Bernhard Osburg – Chief Commercial Officer

Innovation requires more than a flash of genius

When an idea has been turned into a finished product, it has a long journey behind it and has overcome several hurdles. The graph shows the most important stages.

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