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Working with an innovative spirit

engineering. tomorrow. together. Engineering is key to making thyssenkrupp’s brand promise a reality.

Stefan Myslowicki, Process development and pilot production tribond® | thyssenkrupp Steel Europe Technology report

Nice to meet you, Myslowicki!

Engineers in the spotlight: Get to know Stefan Myslowicki, who represents the many dedicated specialists in thyssenkrupp’s Steel division. He’s involved in process development and pilot production of tribond®, which helps protect car passengers – and more.

Jörg Paffrath Expert knowledge

We make it possible

End-to-end provider Sales Industry is an ideal material partner for flat steel. No matter how diverse, customer requirements are rapidly implemented down to a T. Jörg Paffrath explains why this is possible and what is being done to keep it that way.

The complete range Practical insight

The complete range

2015 – time for something new: a new look, a new design, a new structure. thyssenkrupp Steel Europe has completely updated and redesigned its product catalog.

Special steel products for liquid gas tanks Customer portrait

Special steel products for liquid gas tanks

Liquid gas transportation is booming – and with it the demand for modern tankers. TGE Marine Gas Engineering is one of the world’s market leaders in this sector of the shipbuilding industry – and the company uses cryogenic nickel steels from thyssenkrupp Steel Europe.

scalur®+Z – more strip per coil Practical insight

SCALUR®+Z – more strip per coil

A new product from thyssenkrupp Steel helps optimize production processes thanks to its exceptional thickness tolerance.

Made in Germany Practical insight

Made in Germany

Produced locally, delivered globally: Special steel from thyssenkrupp Steel is a giant leap for innovation in many sectors.

An all-round success Customer portrait

An all-round success

Since the 1950s, Signode has developed and manufactured strapping bands made of steel and plastic for various sectors, including the steel industry.

Guarantee the quality by regularly overhauls. Practical insight

Cutting-edge everything

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe regularly overhauls its plants and systems to help guarantee the quality of its products.

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Compact quiz – Family-owned companies and SMBs

What are the largest and oldest German companies, and where are they headquartered?

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500 meters of cold strips per minute Customer portrait

500 meters of cold strips per minute

The company Risse + Wilke from Iserlohn can now offer higher precision manufacturing than ever before with a new, ultra-modern Duo re-rolling stand.

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How energy-efficient are you?

Housings for everything Customer portrait

Housings for everything

What makes metal housings from Saxony such a cool product? Marvin Michel, Managing Director of CooolCase in Dresden, has the story.

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