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Staying in shape

thyssenkrupp now also delivers custom shaped blanks thanks to cooperation between the steelmaking and service operations.

Making gold with slag | Kundenmagazin Practical insight

Making gold with slag

We used to dump slag, now we process it.

Engineering at thyssenkrupp: Working with an innovative spirit Technology report

Working with an innovative spirit

engineering. tomorrow. together. Engineering is key to making thyssenkrupp’s brand promise a reality. The best way to understand what ‘engineering’ means for us and our customers is to take a look at the work of our engineers.

“We think outside the box.” Expert knowledge

“We think outside the box.”

Service is a top priority in thyssenkrupp’s Steel division.

Masters of the ice Practical insight

Masters of the ice

When lugers Eggert and Benecken race down ice-covered tracks, thyssenkrupp is right there with them – 80 percent of the materials used to make their luge were developed by various Business Areas of our Group.

It’s all in the mix Expert knowledge

It’s all in the mix

A new sinter test facility determines the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to use raw materials.

“The external expression of an internal change” Expert knowledge

Internal change

Why has thyssenkrupp changed its lettering and logo? And what does the new trade mark mean for the steel industry? Andreas J. Goss, CEO of thyssenkrupp Steel, and Michael Trautmann of the creative agency thjnk explain.

A coking plant becomes a bakery Technology report

A coking plant becomes a bakery

A modern testing facility belonging to thyssenkrupp Steel and Industrial Solutions can transform coke oven gas into baking powder.

Regional focus Practical insight

Regional focus

thyssenkrupp increases its international presence.

New lettering? Logo! Practical insight

New lettering? Logo!

Values and strategies change over the years, and sooner or later the time comes for a company to change its appearance. We, too, have changed, and so we have given ourselves a new trade mark.

Improved field of vision finally Innovations

Improved field of vision finally

The InCar®plus ‘Thin A-pillar’ project from thyssenkrupp Steel Europe delivers better visibility.

New start on the Bosphorus Practical insight

New start on the Bosphorus

Turkey is booming, offering plenty of promising business opportunities for thyssenkrupp Steel Europe and its customers.

Bumper-to-bumper innovation Technology report

Bumper-to-bumper innovation

A new bumper system has been developed as part of the InCar®plus initiative. The steel girders not only save on weight, they are cheaper too.

Designer wheels made from steel Innovations

Designer wheels made from steel

Sleek rims and attractive wheels: The steel-CFRP hybrid wheel developed by thyssenkrupp Steel Europe is contributing to reducing costs and weight – while also making the product more environmentally friendly

More than just good ideas Expert knowledge

More than just good ideas

With InCar® plus, thyssenkrupp has continued to build upon its comprehensive development project in the area of automotive manufacturing, and in doing so, the company has combined expertise from three different business areas. Axel Grüneklee is the overall coordinator for all individual projects and employees.

“We offer customers the perfect solution.” Expert knowledge

“We offer customers the perfect solution.”

InCar® plus is a forward-thinking, all-round package for the automotive industry.

Car of the future Innovations

Car of the future

With its InCar® plus development project, ThyssenKrupp presents over 40 new drive, chassis and steering control and body technology.

Harder and thinner than steel armour plate Practical insight

Harder and thinner than steel armour plate

The new high-grade manganese steel is extremely strong, and can still be processed easily – for example to build high-security cash transporters. This material is now an award winner.

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