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Cutting-edge invention

thyssenkrupp developed a patented specialty steel for Jäkel, a manufacturer of blades for machinery.

Robert Schlögl (l.) and Reinhold Achatz Expert knowledge

Making use of steel mill gas

thyssenkrupp launched the Carbon2Chem® project to research ways to economically utilize CO2.

Thinking about tomorrow today Technology report

Thinking about tomorrow today

At thyssenkrupp Steel, ‘tomorrow’ stands for innovations.

Furnace - molten metal Technology report

Molten metal from the furnace

An investment worth millions makes Duisburg fit for the future.

Modernization Sinter Plant Technology report

Modernization sinter plant

Steel boosts energy efficiency

BMW uses ZM EcoProtect from thyssenkrupp Technology report

Ideal protection, easy processing

BMW is the first car manufacturer to use ZM EcoProtect from thyssenkrupp’s Steel division in series production – in the MINI’s outer paneling.

Sebastian Sieron, Non-oriented electrical steel research and development | thyssenkrupp Steel Europe Technology report

The name’s Sieron – pleased to meet you!

Engineers in the spotlight: Get to know Sebastian Sieron, who represents the many dedicated specialists in thyssenkrupp’s Steel division. He works in research and development for non-oriented electrical steel, which helps electric motors run faster.

Engineering at thyssenkrupp: Working with an innovative spirit Technology report

Working with an innovative spirit

engineering. tomorrow. together. Engineering is key to making thyssenkrupp’s brand promise a reality. The best way to understand what ‘engineering’ means for us and our customers is to take a look at the work of our engineers.

Masters of the ice Practical insight

Masters of the ice

When lugers Eggert and Benecken race down ice-covered tracks, thyssenkrupp is right there with them – 80 percent of the materials used to make their luge were developed by various Business Areas of our Group.

Crashing on command at thyssenkrupp Expert knowledge

Crashing on command

From now on, thyssenkrupp’s Steel division can conduct even more crash tests at the Dortmund, Germany location.

Investing in Krefeld Practical insight

Investing in Krefeld

Those who want to save on electricity need to invest in energy. A new spectral analysis device at the Steel Service Center in Krefeld, Germany, ensures an even greater degree of analytical precision.

Quality is a promise that lasts Expert knowledge

Quality is a promise that lasts

Robert Schmitt, Dean at RWTH Aachen University, and Rudolf Schönenberg, Head of Quality Management at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe, discuss how they define quality.

What signs of quality are important to you? Quiz

Compact Quiz - Quality

What signs of quality are important to you?

“The external expression of an internal change” Expert knowledge

“The external expression of an internal change”

Why has thyssenkrupp changed its lettering and logo? And what does the new trade mark mean for thyssenkrupp Steel? Andreas J. Goss, CEO of thyssenkrupp Steel, and Michael Trautmann of the creative agency thjnk explain.

Sudhakar Sivaji Expert knowledge

“There is still a lot more to do”

Where can improvements be made at thyssenkrupp Steel? And how can they be implemented? Sudhakar Sivaji, who is responsible for corporate planning, development, and strategic orientation, is looking for answers to these questions.

Always stay flexible Technology report

Always stay flexible

How can complex production methods be optimized? The international research project RECOBA explores this question.

No heat in the oven Practical insight

No heat in the oven

It’s a rare view indeed, considering that the central section of blast furnace 9 located in Duisburg-Hamborn is normally heated to a blistering 1,600 degrees Celsius.

Guarantee the quality by regularly overhauls. Practical insight

Cutting-edge everything

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe regularly overhauls its plants and systems to help guarantee the quality of its products.

Great new products Customer portrait

Great new products

We team up with large (family-owned) companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses to support them in developing new products. Tag along with our customer service representatives as they head out to meet clients.

Customer portrait

Long-term success

The Winkelmann Group is one of the leading companies in the metal forming industry. Long-term thinking and planning while remaining innovative and flexible is all in a day’s work for the family-owned company.

Interview: Prof. Andreas Kern, Head of Quality Assurance in the Heavy Plate Business Unit Technology report

It pays off

How can you determine quality and what role do the casinos of Monte Carlo play in simulating mechanical properties? Andreas Kern, Head of Quality Assurance in the Heavy Plate Business Area, provides an explanation.

Interview: Dr. Thomas Pretorius (thyssenkrupp Steel Europe) and Prof. Alexander Hartmaier Expert knowledge

„Better materials, better components”

What type of work is done at the Interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Materials Simulation (ICAMS) in Bochum? Dr. Thomas Pretorius (l.) from thyssenkrupp Steel Europe and Prof. Alexander Hartmaier explain.

We are becoming a brand Expert knowledge

We are becoming a brand

In Turkey, business confidence is growing alongside the economy itself. Korhan Demirci, Head of Strategic Purchasing at Turkish truck manufacturer Tirsan, explains what that means for the collaboration with Steel Europe.

Attractive outer paneling made easy Technology report

Attractive outer paneling made easy

Steel Europe has now brought two highly effective corrosion protection coatings to maturity – for use with visible car body outer paneling parts.

Jörg Paffrath Expert knowledge

We make it possible

End-to-end provider Sales Industry is an ideal material partner for flat steel. No matter how diverse, customer requirements are rapidly implemented down to a T. Jörg Paffrath explains why this is possible and what is being done to keep it that way.

Customers save time and money Technology report

Customers save time and money

Steel Europe bundles its hot forming activities with a unique modeling and simulation system in Dortmund.

Simulation in action Technology report

Simulation in action

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe uses simulations and crash tests to study vehicle safety. This is an ongoing process that provides a critical basis for product development.

Dr. Heribert R. Fischer Matthias Horx Expert knowledge

Who isn’t looking for the next Gyro Gearloose?

In today’s competitive world, only the innovative survive. But who can provide a company with the best conditions for this?

Car of the future Innovations

Car of the future

With its InCar® plus development project, thyssenkrupp presents over 40 new drive, chassis and steering control and body technology.

The hot strip Practical insight

250 million euros for thinner strips

Steel Europe is renovating its hot-strip rolling mill in Duisburg.

More than just good ideas Expert knowledge

More than just good ideas

With InCar® plus, thyssenkrupp has continued to build upon its comprehensive development project in the area of automotive manufacturing, and in doing so, the company has combined expertise from three different business areas. Axel Grüneklee is the overall coordinator for all individual projects and employees.

Furnace in top form Practical insight

Furnace in top form

Blast furnace treated to a complete overhaul: Duisburg-Schwelgern renovates the cooling system and auxiliary units in blast furnace 2.

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