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100 years of Bauhaus – pladur® Deluxe “bauhausstil naturmatt“

Laukin sample wall with pladur Deluxe bauhausstil nautmatt by thyssenkrupp

This year, the Bauhaus school of design is celebrating its 100th anniversary. In 1919, Walter Gropius founded the world-famous school, whose guiding principle was to combine architecture as a total work of art with other arts.

Walter Gropius wanted to revive the arts and crafts. Clear forms, structures and colors – these are the key concepts of the Bauhaus style which still influences the work of many architects. No surprise: the Bauhaus was the most influential educational institution in the field of architecture, art and design in the 20th century. In the Bauhaus façade design, color has always served the purpose of accentuating individual components in color in line with their function.

Matt façade design in the Bauhaus style

Laukin sample wall with pladur Deluxe bauhausstil naturmatt by thyssenkrupp

With its pladur® Deluxe "bauhausstil naturmatt" product, thyssenkrupp seizes on the features of the Bauhaus style. pladur® Deluxe "bauhausstil naturmatt" is an exclusive product for the customer Laukien, a family-owned company that manufactures high-quality metal facade claddings. The color concept: Strong colors, pastel shades and warm or cold nuances. The wide range of colors is designed to capture the atmosphere of creativity and the new orientation of the Bauhaus style. Nine shades have a particularly high-quality matt finish with intensive saturation. This means that the products have a low-gloss surface. The high-gloss effect is deliberately avoided. Whereas high-gloss surfaces reflect the opposite side of the street, this effect is almost entirely avoided with matt façades. This type of steel façade design brings the color itself to the fore and thus the effect of the color, just as Walter Gropius once intended.

“My favorite color is colorful“ – Walter Gropius

The nine colors of the Bauhaus-style pladur® Deluxe façade design are also based on the color scheme of Walter Gropius, who used to say: "My favorite color is colorful". pladur® Deluxe "bauhausstil naturmatt" is therefore timeless and combines the color scheme with a particularly high-quality surface. Depending on the type of product ordered, the raw material is press-braked or roll-formed so that steel curtain walls, colored panels and liner trays as well as façade sheets for different types and shapes of buildings can be produced.

A lively and varied look

pladur® Deluxe "bauhausstil naturmattt" can be found in various places. For example, the façade of a cube-shaped gatehouse of thyssenkrupp Steel in Duisburg consists of a steel panel in blue and grey. The allegedly random arrangement of the two colors creates a lively and varied look. The façade of the newly built extension of the St. Lambertus daycare center in Randerath also boasts a pladur® Deluxe cladding. The three basic colors yellow, red and blue are complemented by black and white. The grey plug-in panel frame brings out the colors and underlines the purpose of the building.

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