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Making gold out of slag

Slag is a non-metallic, mineral substance that is produced as a by-product when metals are separated from various raw materials. It is always found whenever steel is produced.

Slag from steel mills used to be discarded for the most part, but it has become an important raw material for thyssenkrupp, thanks to its constant efforts in the area of research and development. thyssenkrupp prepares and processes slag from steel mills and blast furnaces, turning it into ecological products. It can be used, for example, in road construction, landscaping work, as drainage material in sports fields and riding grounds, as a raw material for asphalt layers, and to create anti-frost layers when constructing roads.

Slag products from thyssenkrupp fulfill all relevant environmental guidelines, standards, and technical delivery conditions that are required by respective construction methods. They are perfect substitutes for crushed stones such as diabase, basalt, or graywacke.

The staff of the MillServices unit in the Materials Services Business Area is your point of contact. The department collaborates with Steel to oversee slag management, which covers managing the slag bed, transportation, and processing through to product development, quality control, and customer-oriented marketing.

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