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Green hydrogen: import or produce?

What is the right strategy for massively increasing the available quantities of green hydrogen within a few years? Answers can be found in a recent study by the Wuppertal Institute. An interview with study author Frank Merten.

Dr. Heike Denecke-Arnold is convinced: Great things are happening here!

Dr. Heike Denecke-Arnold has been a member of our Executive Board since May. As Chief Operations Officer (COO) she is responsible for iron and steel production as well as quality and logistics. In an interview with our editorial staff, the metallurgist reveals what has been driving her to work for Steel for 23 years and what her projects for the future are.

Under new management

In this interview, André Matusczyk, CEO/CTO of thyssenkrupp Hohenlimburg, and Simon Stephan, Head of Sales Automotive thyssenkrupp Steel, talk about the challenges facing steel as a material in times of climate protection and fragile supply chains.

In ten years, every second ton of steel produced globally should be green.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Lechtenboehmer of the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy assesses the transformation of the German steel industry in an interview with the editors of steelcompact. Steel will not become green overnight. Until the changeover to hydrogen-based direct reduction, real CO2 savings from the classic blast furnace process will be accounted for in green steel products.

We want to be at the forefront of emission-free production of packaging steel

Dr. Peter Biele, CEO of thyssenkrupp Rasselstein, talks about the new consumer platform "Weissblech kommt weiter", improvements in the sustainability of packaging steel and future plans for the more than 260-year-old traditional company.

Georgios Giovanakis about the advantages of powercore®

Three questions to the CEO of Electrical Steel


thyssenkrupp Steel is certified in line with IAT 16949

 “smartform® is the solution”

“smartform® is the solution”

Eva Maria Kolodziej on the collaboration with Volkswagen

“Expertise is important”

VW’s Ilda Hujdur knows what matters when it comes to hot forming

“People have shortcomings”

Valentin Nowotny speaks about harmony in a group and agile companies.

Staying in shape

thyssenkrupp now also delivers custom shaped blanks thanks to cooperation between the steelmaking and service operations.

Making use of steel mill gas

thyssenkrupp launched the Carbon2Chem® project to research ways to economically utilize CO2.

Steel heals itself

Dierk Raabe of MPI is on the lookout for smart materials.

We are gaining speed

The NGOflex campaign aims to provide fast, flexible deliveries.

“James Bond himself would be jealous”

Researchers in Aachen are studying how cars will be driven in the future.

“We think outside the box.”

“We think outside the box.”

Service is a top priority in thyssenkrupp’s Steel division.

“More room for creativity”

Germany’s powers of innovation can only be harnessed if both industrial concerns and the engineers working for them are prepared for change. An interview with Ralph Appel, Executive Director of the Association of German Engineers (VDI).

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