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Georgios Giovanakis about the advantages of powercore®

Three questions to the CEO of Electrical Steel


thyssenkrupp Steel is certified in line with IAT 16949

“smartform® is the solution”

Eva Maria Kolodziej on the collaboration with Volkswagen

“Expertise is important”

VW’s Ilda Hujdur knows what matters when it comes to hot forming

Truly smart: An innovation in forming technology

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to reliably process dimensionally stable components made from ultra-high-strength steel grades? The new smartform® method now makes that possible.

Blades and sled ready!

thyssenkrupp has qualified for the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea.

No electromobility without steel

An interview with André Matusczyk, CEO Business Unit Automotive of thyssenkrupp Steel

Silent delivery

From startup to car manufacturer

“People have shortcomings”

Valentin Nowotny speaks about harmony in a group and agile companies.

Staying in shape

thyssenkrupp now also delivers custom shaped blanks thanks to cooperation between the steelmaking and service operations.

Making use of steel mill gas

thyssenkrupp launched the Carbon2Chem® project to research ways to economically utilize CO2.

Steel heals itself

Dierk Raabe of MPI is on the lookout for smart materials.

We are gaining speed

The NGOflex campaign aims to provide fast, flexible deliveries.

“James Bond himself would be jealous”

Researchers in Aachen are studying how cars will be driven in the future.

Crashing on command

From now on, thyssenkrupp’s Steel division can conduct even more crash tests at the Dortmund, Germany location.

“We think outside the box.”

“We think outside the box.”

Service is a top priority in thyssenkrupp’s Steel division.

Award-winning creativity

Once again, three forward-looking projects were recognized at the Steel Innovation Contest.

“More room for creativity”

Germany’s powers of innovation can only be harnessed if both industrial concerns and the engineers working for them are prepared for change. An interview with Ralph Appel, Executive Director of the Association of German Engineers (VDI).

It’s all in the mix

A new sinter test facility determines the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to use raw materials.

Traveling by water

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe sends its steel products to the port of Antwerp to be shipped out all over the world. The company’s location on the Rhine is certainly a logistical boon.

Who isn’t looking for the next Gyro Gearloose?

In today’s competitive world, only the innovative survive. But who can provide a company with the best conditions for this?

“There is still a lot more to do”

Where can improvements be made at thyssenkrupp Steel? And how can they be implemented? Sudhakar Sivaji, who is responsible for corporate planning, development, and strategic orientation, is looking for answers to these questions.

„Time to internationalize!”

While the German Mittelstand enjoys an excellent reputation the world around, competition at home continues to grow. Marc S. Tenbieg, Managing Director of the German Association for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (DMB), recommends increasing trade in export.

„Better materials, better components”

What type of work is done at the Interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Materials Simulation (ICAMS) in Bochum? Dr. Thomas Pretorius (l.) from thyssenkrupp Steel Europe and Prof. Alexander Hartmaier explain.

We are becoming a brand

In Turkey, business confidence is growing alongside the economy itself. Korhan Demirci, Head of Strategic Purchasing at Turkish truck manufacturer Tirsan, explains what that means for the collaboration with Steel Europe.

Quality is a promise that lasts

Robert Schmitt, Dean at RWTH Aachen University, and Rudolf Schönenberg, Head of Quality Management at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe, discuss how they define quality.

How eco-friendly is steel?

Andreas Theuer heads the Environmental and Climate Protection / Sustainability division at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG. In this interview, he explains why steel is an ecological resource.

Colorful, durable, and brilliant – Steel’s got style

Coil-coated flat steel brings variety to building facades, onto the streets, and into private homes. Axel Pohl, Sales Manager of the Color product area, tells us which industries show the most demand for pladur® products and talks about the most popular colors and patterns.

“Knowledge creates ideas. Industry creates solutions.”

Hans Jürgen Kerkhoff, President of the German Steel Federation (WV Stahl), and Matthias Kleiner, President of the Leibniz Association, spoke about the significance of research and the economy for our society.

More than just good ideas

With InCar® plus, thyssenkrupp has continued to build upon its comprehensive development project in the area of automotive manufacturing, and in doing so, the company has combined expertise from three different business areas. Axel Grüneklee is the overall coordinator for all individual projects and employees.

“We offer customers the perfect solution.”

InCar® plus is a forward-thinking, all-round package for the automotive industry.

We make it possible

End-to-end provider Sales Industry is an ideal material partner for flat steel. No matter how diverse, customer requirements are rapidly implemented down to a T. Jörg Paffrath explains why this is possible and what is being done to keep it that way.

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