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Sustainable logistics: Full speed ahead with biodiesel

Rail logistics between the thyssenkrupp Steel sites is becoming more climate-friendly. This is made possible by an offering from long-term partner DB Cargo, which sets great store by innovative processes and new fuels.

Value chain instead of four-man defensive chain – with Reiner Calmund

Football manager legend Reiner Calmund explains why the value chain is important when Germany plays internationally. And why steel is so crucial as a basic and high-tech material for industrial value creation and future technologies.

New work: more space for working together

In the SteelCube, the newly built office building in Duisburg-Hamborn, thyssenkrupp Steel is providing 460 modern workplaces. Customers can also look forward to new possibilities for meetings, workshops and presentations.

Steel’s local heroes – social commitment is promoted

The association Förderverein Hüttenhelden e.V. supports thyssenkrupp Steel employees who work as volunteers in many different roles to help people in their local communities.

Popular patina: patinax® is on trend

With patinax® 355P and patinax® 355, thyssenkrupp Steel currently offers do-it-yourself enthusiasts, designers, architects and builders two steels with above-average service lives. The special feature: Unlike untreated steel, patinax® does not gradually decompose when exposed to the elements. Instead, after two to three weeks of contact with moisture, cold or heat, the material changes its structure and appearance: The characteristic rust-brown patina develops on the outer surfaces.

Quality with system

With a data-based QM system thyssenkrupp ensures that the high quality requirements for premium packaging steel are met.

august & alfred

Fashion from the Ruhr Area

100 years Rasselstein

Since 1920 Germany’s only manufacturer of tinplate produces packaging steel.

Shopfloor Management at Steel

By introducing shop floor management at thyssenkrupp Steel, the steel company is bolstering its focus on its customers.

Women in Engineering Day

It's about competence, not gender.

25 Years Landscape Park Duisburg Nord

The second life of a former steelworks.


The Metropolises of Tomorrow.

In defense of the can

Beautifully designed steel cans are becoming collectibles

The new trade mark

The new trade mark

Precision strip from Hohenlimburg now known as precidur®

Digital factory with networked steel production

The Precision Steel business unit is highly specialized in the production of hot-rolled steel strip. The company has also received numerous awards in recognition of its intelligent Industry 4.0 solutions.

Cutting-edge steel production

Greater quality and flexibility in steel production: thyssenkrupp has modernized the pickling unit and tandem mill in cold rolling mill 3 at Westfalenhütte in Dortmund.

Soccer: Steel for a soccer stadium

Thousands of spectators will flock to soccer stadiums for the World Cup in Russia. They’ll be sitting and standing on steel, which plays an important role in stadium construction – such as for the Kazan Arena.

Facebook…we're coming!

Stop - just a sec! This is about us.

Why are you at IAA?

A question posed to four managers from the Steel division

Materials in the stress test

The wear laboratory tests steel grades for durability

First place

thyssenkrupp convinces with marketing

Wide-screen cinema: New ways of looking at steel

The ‘Steel hoch zehn’ [Steel to the power of ten] experience center shows off the high-tech material on a 300-degree screen.

We are gaining speed

The NGOflex campaign aims to provide fast, flexible deliveries.

Making gold with slag

We used to dump slag, now we process it.

The new management

Steel structures itself into market and production units.

Le Mans Seminar

Material behavior with method

A library with a patina

A sign of transience: A library building in Switzerland has been covered with thyssenkrupp’s weatherproof patinax® construction steel.

Masters of the ice

When lugers Eggert and Benecken race down ice-covered tracks, thyssenkrupp is right there with them – 80 percent of the materials used to make their luge were developed by various Business Areas of our Group.

Investing in Krefeld

Those who want to save on electricity need to invest in energy. A new spectral analysis device at the Steel Service Center in Krefeld, Germany, ensures an even greater degree of analytical precision.

New contact person

There’s been a change in marketing leadership within thyssenkrupp’s Steel division. Marcus van Marwick replaced Achim Stolle as Head of Brand & Customer Communications at the beginning of the year.

scalur®+Z – more strip per coil

scalur®+Z – more strip per coil

A new product from thyssenkrupp Steel helps optimize production processes thanks to its exceptional thickness tolerance.

New lettering? Logo!

New lettering? Logo!

Values and strategies change over the years, and sooner or later the time comes for a company to change its appearance. We, too, have changed, and so we have given ourselves a new trade mark.

Compact quiz – Family-owned companies and SMBs

What are the largest and oldest German companies, and where are they headquartered?

Take our quiz to test your knowledge!

Compact Quiz - Turkey

Have you done your homework before heading off on your holiday to Turkey?

Compact Quiz - Quality

What signs of quality are important to you?

Steel has many shades of green

Steel has many shades of green

Wind power, lightweight design, e-mobility: Three examples that highlight the excellent energy efficiency and sustainability of steel products.


How energy-efficient are you?

Colorful, durable, and brilliant – Steel’s got style

Colorful, durable, and brilliant – Steel’s got style

Coil-coated flat steel brings variety to building facades, onto the streets, and into private homes. Axel Pohl, Sales Manager of the Color product area, tells us which industries show the most demand for pladur® products and talks about the most popular colors and patterns.

Like knocking on wood: pladur® Relief Wood

Like knocking on wood: pladur® Relief Wood

First impressions count – and that’s what swayed MOST Mobile in favor of pladur® Relief Wood.

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