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rasselstein® CFPA is ready for series production

With rasselstein® CFPA (Chromium-Free Passivation Alternative), thyssenkrupp Rasselstein now offers its customers 100 percent chromium-free passivation on the tinplate surface.

Tinplate packaging: the spray can is getting lighter

From hairspray and deodorant cans, to spray cans for acrylic paint and car paint – packaging made from tinplate is perfect for lighter, more stable, and safer manufacturing.

Best rating for heavy plate

perform® 900 and 960: better forming with higher strength

Rim redux

Together with Jingu we bring the steel wheel onto the road

A Volvo in front of the blast furnace

The new SUV XC40 takes a trip to the Duisburg plant

Less is more

scalur®+Z saves customers time and money

A breath of fresh air for generating power

Innovative TetraFlex® makes it possible to build the wind turbines of the future – out of steel. This will boost the efficiency of modern wind turbines.

Lightweight automotive construction with steel

Extremely thin, with improved coating: Find out why our new dual-phase steel is suitable for lightweight construction of vehicle shells.

Steel housing

Batteries for electric cars can be protected securely and inexpensively.

Hunting for clues

Steel uses high-tech devices such as the ToF-SIMS spectrometer for material analyses.

Go with the flow

A new flow-forming machine makes it possible to produce lighter components

Opening up new possibilities

Solidflex will make it easy to open cans

A highly charged atmosphere

Electrical steel is an important partner in the energy transformation

Things are heating up here

Cutting unit uses plasma process for quality assurance.

Dust has no chance

The new fabric filter at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe is not only the biggest in the world, it is also the most efficient, capturing even the finest particulates. Its construction was a project of superlatives.

Everything from A to Z in material analysis

thyssenkrupp’s Steel division investigates solid, liquid, and gaseous materials in its ultramodern laboratories to determine their complex chemical compositions.

The new variety

Dual-phase steels from thyssenkrupp: Even more properties and qualities.

Thinking about tomorrow today

At thyssenkrupp Steel, ‘tomorrow’ stands for innovations.

Molten metal from the furnace

An investment worth millions makes Duisburg fit for the future.

Crossing the sea at -164° C

9% nickel steels resist extremely low temperatures

Modernization sinter plant

Steel boosts energy efficiency

Ideal protection, easy processing

BMW is the first car manufacturer to use ZM Ecoprotect® from thyssenkrupp’s Steel division in series production – in the MINI’s outer paneling.

The name’s Sieron – pleased to meet you!

Engineers in the spotlight: Get to know Sebastian Sieron, who represents the many dedicated specialists in thyssenkrupp’s Steel division. He works in research and development for non-oriented electrical steel, which helps electric motors run faster.

Introducing Ms. Schulte

Engineers in the spotlight: Get to know Jenny Schulte, who represents the many dedicated specialists in thyssenkrupp’s Steel division. She is overseeing the development and introduction of scalur®+Z.

Nice to meet you, Myslowicki!

Engineers in the spotlight: Get to know Stefan Myslowicki, who represents the many dedicated specialists in thyssenkrupp’s Steel division. He’s involved in process development and pilot production of tribond®, which helps protect car passengers – and more.

The name is Graff – Stéphane Graff!

Engineers in the spotlight: Get to know Stéphane Graff, who represents the many dedicated specialists in thyssenkrupp’s Steel division. He characterizes materials and conducts feasibility studies for hot forming.

Working with an innovative spirit

engineering. tomorrow. together. Engineering is key to making thyssenkrupp’s brand promise a reality. The best way to understand what ‘engineering’ means for us and our customers is to take a look at the work of our engineers.

Simulation in action

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe uses simulations and crash tests to study vehicle safety. This is an ongoing process that provides a critical basis for product development.

Customers save time and money

Steel Europe bundles its hot forming activities with a unique modeling and simulation system in Dortmund.

A coking plant becomes a bakery

A modern testing facility belonging to thyssenkrupp Steel and Industrial Solutions can transform coke oven gas into baking powder.

Focused efficiency at 0.18 millimeters

The amount of electricity used by Denmark in half a year: That’s how much power Europe’s transformers alone have to save by 2020, a job that calls for highly efficient, grain-oriented electrical steel.

Always stay flexible

How can complex production methods be optimized? The international research project RECOBA explores this question.

It pays off

How can you determine quality and what role do the casinos of Monte Carlo play in simulating mechanical properties? Andreas Kern, Head of Quality Assurance in the Heavy Plate Business Area, provides an explanation.

Bumper-to-bumper innovation

A new bumper system has been developed as part of the InCar®plus initiative. The steel girders not only save on weight, they are cheaper too.

If you sow wind, you shall reap power

Innovative steel products such as non-oriented electrical steel are helping to make wind turbines more efficient – and they go easy on natural resources.

Gearing up for electromobility

New types of electrical steel make it possible: The torque of the electric motor is increased, while a modified rotor shaft decreases the weight of the entire rotor.

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