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Electrical steel is driving the energy and mobility revolution

Our powercore® electrical steel is the key material for the energy and mobility revolution. With the help of our proven branded product, the rotational energy of wind turbines can be efficiently converted into green electricity, while the transformer process required for energy transport can be carried out with high efficiency – and therefore particularly low losses. In addition, there is the special significance for electric mobility: Because without electrical steel, these vehicles won't go anywhere.

Mission Climate Neutrality

Green steel is making a decisive contribution to Germany achieving its goal of climate neutrality. The introduction of bluemint® Steel marks another important milestone on the way to implementing the climate strategy. Find out here how and where the new CO2-reduced material is already being used.

pladur® ReflectionsOne: Colors for facades

With pladur® ReflectionsOne, industrial buildings blend harmoniously into their surroundings.

Chromium(VI)-free coating technology

thyssenkrupp Rasselstein is investing in an innovative coating facility for special chromium-coated packaging steel.

We drive electric

In Duisburg there is now an electric car in the fleet, and the icing on the cake is that it runs on power from the company’s steel plant.

E-mobility: Faster Charging

Core-oriented electrical steel boosts charging column performance

Energy transition with electrical steel

powercore® grain-oriented electrical steel is an integral component in the latest generation of transformers.

The Metropolises of Tomorrow

The InnoCity project provides solutions for the infrastructure of the future. Students have now voiced their own ideas.

Open Hybrid LabFactory: Materials research in a network

As part of a research project, thyssenkrupp Steel is developing hybrid materials made of steel and plastic together with partners.

On the lookout for the perfect screw cap

The Packaging Steel business unit has developed a new, high-quality, low-earing packaging steel for the production of particularly thin-walled screw caps.

Ways of looking at a facade

Construction systems made of steel enable buildings to be affordably designed and optimized for energy consumption.

Digital customer portal

Steel Online is pooling all of the sales areas in the steel business.

Steel Innovation Award 2018

The stage is set for new ideas and products made of steel - take part and win!

The future of the automobile

How thyssenkrupp is taking part in the transformation of the automotive industry

Out of the shadows

The thyssenkrupp blue.cruiser: sustainable and suitable for everyday driving

Ready to go: the blue.cruiser

Solar car no. 3 preps for Australia.

A highly charged atmosphere

Electrical steel is an important partner in the energy transformation

Mobility by thyssenkrupp

Electrical steel drives experts and solar car to top performance

End-to-end coil information

Digital transformation influences manufacturing and delivery processes at thyssenkrupp.

“James Bond himself would be jealous”

Researchers in Aachen are studying how cars will be driven in the future.

Once around the world

The InCar®plus demonstrator has already traveled far.

Under the Australian sun

Now that the ES is over, it’s time again for the ES – the same goes for solar cars.

Moving away from paper

In thyssenkrupp’s Steel division, digitization has been underway for years – it started with SteelOnline. Today, all customers can manage their business dealings quickly and directly.

Invest now, save later

Resource conservation is a crucial consideration in the business world. thyssenkrupp’s Steel division has many years of experience in this area, and we would like to share our expertise.

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