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FBA 8 enhances steel components with zinc-magnesium

The hot-dip coating line (FBA) 8 in Dortmund has broadened its portfolio. ZM Ecoprotect® and ZM Primeprotect® are two highly effective corrosion protection coatings for exposed outer paneling parts of the car body.

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FBA 8 bringt ZinkMagnesium aufs Band

A fully automated laser welding machine precisely combines individual coils into an endless steel strip. Any selection of grades can be freely combined.


The endless steel strip is meticulously cleaned and degreased before heating.


A ten-story high annealing furnace heats the strip to approx. 800  degrees Celsius before the galvanizing process starts. This heating procedure has a significant impact on the material properties.


The surface quality requested by the customer is produced to accommodate demanding paint-job requirements during skin passing.


A chem coater located at the exit takes care of applying the various coating types in an environmentally friendly manner. The coils are automatically strapped and labeled.


Two zinc pots with a capacity of 300 metric tons each are available. They are continuously filled with the corresponding zinc bars (zinc or zinc-magnesium). The application rocess is automatically controlled via hot and cold measurement.


Humans and machines work together: The online inspection system continuously checks the surface quality of the strips and captures data. This is complemented by manual hecking of the strip quality.


FBA 8: In operation since late 2001
time for construction: 2 years
Capacity: 550,000 metric tons of hot-dip galvanized material.


Outer and inner paneling for the automotive industry as well as highend products for the construction and household appliances industry. The portfolio encompasses normal grades through to top-quality deep-drawing grades and high-strength multi-phase steels.


The FBA 8 staff maintains fully continuous operation – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 360 days a year.


Entry: max. 15.6 km/h
Processing section: max. 10.8 km/h
Exit: max. 15.6 km/h


Strips with a width varying from 850 to 1,650 millimeters and a thickness between 0.4 and 1.5 millimeters.
Coil weight: 35 metric t

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FBA 8 enhances steel components with zinc-magnesium

FBA 8 enhances steel components with zinc-magnesium

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